Media release

Cyber Check: Cyber Risk Screening for SMEs

CRIF Decision Solutions has launched Cyber Check (powered by KYND’s cyber risk technology) to provide small and medium size enterprises [SMEs] with an economically viable service to allow them to rapidly identify their cyber risk vulnerabilities.  

Available as a one off assessment or regular monitoring, Cyber Check undertakes immediate screening and instantly provides a report detailing the company’s cyber risk exposure. The service is quick and easy to use and IT expertise is not necessary. The system is non-invasive, requiring only the company domain name and responses to a short set of questions in order to perform the cyber risk screening. The report, written in simple business language, is delivered in real time using the universal traffic light system, ‘red, amber, green’, to demonstrate risk severity. Risk exposure and severity is immediately clear and the user can prioritise action to be taken.     

Small and medium size businesses in the UK recognise the cyber-crime threat facing their business and want to be proactive in their cyber security. 43% of small and medium enterprises [SMEs] in the UK have experienced a cyber breach according to the Government’s 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey and 74% of management in SMEs say cyber security is a high priority. CRIF’s goal is to help make cyber risk management accessible to SMEs across all sectors and industries, placing screening at the heart of the business to support GDPR compliance and protect both the business and brand reputation.

The scale and sophistication of cyber-crime continues to grow and SMEs are a prime target for the highly organised criminal gangs operating in the field as they are seen to be resource limited and with less technically aware employees than larger enterprises.  

Sara Costantini, Director at CRIF Decision Solutions said: “We wanted to give all small and medium businesses the ability to identify and understand their cyber risk. Cyber Check does this by removing the barrier of excessive consultancy costs and the need for specialist expertise. This product simply and cost effectively gives businesses the expert knowledge and alerts to manage their cyber risk. ”